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Your BIM drafter is within reach.


Why pay for the overhead of hiring employees when you can pay for highly qualified and tested drafters from tech3Design? We handle the payroll, software, and hardware for you. Our hourly pricing may surprise you. 


Tell us about your project or needs. Need help making your current team more efficient by handing off block creation. Residential design and plans for contractors, small projects large projects? Either way, we are here to help. Plumbing contractors are looking to incorporate BIM into the bidding process. We can help.


Let’s talk people. Do you need a single drafter, a larger team, or maybe a job captain? Our talented, diverse and experienced drafters are ready to fill your needs.

It’s time to get started. Think of tech3design as an exclusive pool of drafting professional, bringing together clients with incredible projects and talented, trustworthy BIM experts who can get the job done.


Looking to hire drafters or BIM experts? Do you need help with projects? Getting started, it is easy!