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We provide you with reports of hours worked on your project. Please click on Clients Reports above and enter your email and password provided my tech3Design. 

The Time Use Report shows a breakdown of the total time worked by each modeler, as well as the amount of time spent on each of their tasks, as well as,  the associated projects).



The Timeline Report shows a detailed by-the-minute breakdown of a single day's activity for a selected user(s). The Timeline Report is for viewing only and has no export or print options

The Projects Report shows you how much time is being spent on which projects, and by whom.  It can also show detail on the dates that each user worked on each project.

The Dashboard is the page you'll see when you first log into your tech3design account online.  For managers, it shows a handy at-a-glance view of each user's current status (on the left), their total time worked for the day (or week), and the times that they worked.  It does the same for a non-manager, but it will only show that particular user's information.  You may move your mouse cursor over the timeline to see which tasks were being worked on and for how long.  You can also change the date range in the upper right-hand corner:

For some of our clients, we provide snap shots of the work being performed, as well as, with the number of key strokes and mouse click each day. This gives our client a bit of comfort knowing that we working on their project. 



Toban Electric - Queens University

RMC Kingston Project in Kingston, Ontario Canada


  • Modeled all conduit and raceways layouts

  • Racking layouts

  • Model standards

  • Coordination

  • Clash detection

  • Hosting model on BOX

  • WebEx hosted meetings

  • BIM model hosting (BIM 360)