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BIM Modeling Services 

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Model Hosting


"Yes, hourly. Also, weekly, or monthly, we fit your needs. We'll host the model so you have access to it in real time."

tech3Design can supply you with BIM modelers for your project.  We provide access to our professional drafting team of vetted drafters and modelers for those with outsourcing needs. We also hire only the best designers, modelers, and engineers across Canada. 

We solve problems by knowing the software and hardware so you don't have too.  We test every expert in Revit, MEP, AutoCAD. All BIM and CAD drafters have high powered workstation.

tech3Design is the industry’s most exclusive drafting service for contractors, Architects, and Engineering professionals. We handpick trained and trusted candidates as part of our extensive network and vet all the drafters we hire. We see tech3Design’s resources as industry leaders - pre-qualified and experienced professionals that get the job done. We provide customers with the best drafting professionals in the industry. We also offer a team of resources that meet the needs or our clients.

We provide all software licensing and BIM platforms, so we all work in real time on models live. We offer remote drafters and support green work environment. 

Contact us today to set up your BIM expert to begin modeling your projects this week. We are remote within Ottawa, Ontario. We can perform your modeling for you within your office or by remote. We only hire the best. We cover the cost of software, hardware and cloud service. We can set up your office to handle BIM more effectively by having our drafters do the setup and maintenance work on your project. We can house your models and maintain them till the end of your project. Need help with coordination no problem.  Whether you are a general contractor or a new trade filling a BIM requirement we can help.   


Over the phone or online